Wednesday, 18 December 2013

a few thoughts on aloe vera

Aloe vera is well known to be a healing plant.  I remember living in Puerto Rico in the 1980s, and using the sap from plants growing there on burns, and there were also sprays produced commercially for burns, which were made of aloe.

In the UK, I often hear about Forever Living which uses aloe vera in its products, and although for some reason this kind of pyramid selling doesn’t appeal to me, I know many people who are reps, with varying degrees of financial success from it.

Recently, I thought I had sustained a chemical burn on my forehead, and used aloe vera sap on it, to help heal it, and I think it felt quite good.  Subsequently, I discovered it was in fact a shingles rash, and a health practitioner I visited recommended aloe vera for this, and kindly gave me a plant.

I don’t think it is always easy to know about these kinds of remedies, and then what to do with them, in what dose, how frequently.  My friendly practitioner suggested applying it twice a day, but I actually found it better to use at least that, and as the area felt itchy.  As the shingles faded I found myself tired of having the area covered in ‘stuff’, and reduced application.  I think I have heard among herbalists, such as Christopher Hedley, this idea of attuning to appropriate use and does, and a shiatsu colleague I was discussing this kind of thing with recently, also made a comment along these lines.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on these topics:  use of aloe vera, traditional remedies for burns and shingles, how to know what to use, in what way and how often.

cheers, c.

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  1. I have used aloe vera as an emergency treatment,straight from the plant, on a few occasions. Once for chemical burns from cement on a workers hands and on another occasion on a lacerated bruising bump on a visitors head. On both occasions it worked extremely well and the receivers were grateful.The second case was a doctor who was very surprised at how effective it was. As far as I know there are no ill effects from using aloe vera providing one uses only the gel centre part of the leaf and I would probably use it as I felt the need to ease pain,soothe etc.