Saturday, 9 November 2013

Moocs, OU and Coursera

I was going to post this on my Open University blog, but it's not allowing me to post, so I thought I'd post this pondering on my studying a Mooc about The Upper Limb on Coursera here...

So, there is quite a lot about right now about Moocs, and I’ve been a bit curious.  My progress so far has included:

I started off by signing up for an OU pilot Mooc in education but found it really hard to get started – didn’t feel I knew how to navigate the page – to me, it didn’t feel intuitive, and I probably didn’t give it enough time.

There are quite a few programmed on the radio about Moocs, and I’m aware of Cousera in the States, and the OU et al recently-ish started ?UK venture. 

I signed up for an interesting look course on modernity by Coursera, building on some things I wanted to clarify from an OU course I studied (U207 Issues in Women’s Studies) many moons ago, and a beloved module I tutored (K221 Perspectives in Complementary and Alternative Medicine).  I probably didn’t give it enough time – I found the lectures a bit ‘teacher-led’ – and I didn’t really get engaged.  However, I was impressed with how many people were – and high-powered sounding in the sense that many of them seemed to already have MAs in the Arts.

Now I’m engaging with a course on The Upper Limb, having fractured a relevant bone recently, in tandem with cpd for my Shiatsu practice.  Given it quite a bit of time this morning, catching up on the first couple of weeks – seems pretty clear – again, pretty much a video lecture, with more Powerpoints I think than the modernity course.  Pretty orthodox, and I would personally like to see some reference to eg acupuncture points and how and where they fit.

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anyone else any thoughts on this and related comments? – please post your thoughts as response within this blog.


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