Sunday, 29 December 2013

on dog poo...

As I was tidying up our village a bit earlier today, I saw a green plastic bag in a bush, and thought I’d pick it up to throw into the garbage.  As I got close to it, I wondered if it was someone’s bag for their dog’s poo – presumably on its way to... what, a dog poo container somewhere.

And I was reminded of how ridiculous it seems to me to put dog poo in a plastic bag, where it would seem to me it won’t be able to rot down properly – perhaps anaerobic as opposed to aerobic breakdown.  So often, it seems to me that things aren’t thought through properly.

Such as all the worry about plastic bags, and the production of ‘bags for life’.  I often use a lovely wicker basket for shopping that was my mother’s.  People frequently comment on it, and admire it.  [though, as an aside, I do wonder if supermarket staff these days are not told to pick on something unusual about a person and comment on it, so as to strike up a positive relationship – or to congratulate them on their shopping choices!].  Wicker baskets like this work really well, and could mean that the ‘bags for life’ are not necessary.  I also find that the ‘biodegradable plastic’ ones are kind of weird.

anyway, regarding dog poo, of course it is desirable not to have it in the way, and to step in it.  But, couldn’t we find a better way to dispose of it, so that it can break down properly.

ideas welcome – do post your comments or thoughts here in this blog.



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