Saturday, 30 December 2017

osteoporosis update... useful resource

In my ponderings about good ways to build up bones, and manage/ reduce osteoporosis and low bone density, I found this rather useful website.


There's quite a lot of useful information in this website, I think - written by someone who has apparently managed to  improve her bones by changing lifestyle, diet etc.

She also explains a bit about the DEXA scan results - and made me realise that there is apparently an actual scan one can look at.  My GP didn't seem to know about this, so I am pondering how to get hold of mine.

Another point I thought would be useful - although others don't think it is is to access the Z values - showing how one compares with people of the same age.  The number that most people think is important is comparing to bone density in 30 year olds.

However, I am also interested in how I compare to contemporaries - are my bones worse than everyone elses? - or are we all terrible...

Feel free to leave thoughts and comments below.


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