Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Pain in face and head when landing in a 'plane?

so, yesterday I flew down from Bonnie Scotland to Luton airport on Easyjet.  When it came to landing I had a scary pain in my face and head.  I have had this a couple of times before (when landing), and wondered if I was having a stroke.  When it's happening I can't talk to anyone else, because I'm so absorbed by the discomfort.

In this case, I intuitively pressed on parts of my head and face.  Especially the ear flap, I found.  Once landed it was a lot better, and generally better over the next few hours.

I am aware that I got a chill on Saturday night (standing outside at a party, and then sitting in a cold marquee eating a delicious meal).   And then I had a very runny nose later on Sunday.  So, perhaps this problem was linked to blocked sinuses or something.  I no longer remember if I had a cold on the other occasions.

I do remember some years ago a friend talking of not wanting to travel by air when he had ? an ear infection.  And mention of burst ear drums.

So, perhaps something of this ilk happened to me.

I googled a bit and it seems to be 'aerosinusitis'.  What I found interesting was that there was no/little mention made of the intuitive pressure point work I did.  That did feel very important in preventing more damage (eg the burst ear drum thing, or somewhere I saw something about bleeding).

So, what I am offering here is the knowledge that this can happen:  ie pain in head/ face when travelling with an cold/infection.  And that this intuitive pressing can be important to help resolve it most satisfactorily.

anyone else any thoughts or experiences to share?

all for now,

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