Saturday, 14 September 2013

shiatsu bodywork – like a healing balm

I went to a local shiatsu practitioner support group t’other night – the chosen theme was ‘support’ as a quality of the Earth Element which is this time of year, moving from summer to late summer and harvest time, before moving on to Metal autumn energy.

We did some gentle individual bodywork, and then two sets of paired work – all really quite gentle, and more like hands-on healing in a way to me, including the theme of support throughout.

The following day I was so happy to feel that my ‘sick’ shoulder (the one with the broken clavicle, which I had said in the session felt as if I’d been shot) felt much happier, and as if it had received a healing balm.  Really very impressive, and to be honest unexpected, even though I am a ‘shiatsu and all that’ fan.

A couple of days later, it still feels rather good, though to be honest I haven’t been challenging it too much with exercises which might cause the overlapping bones to rub against each other potentially in a tissue irritating way.  Not sure what’s for best, since other practitioners are also concerned that I must use the muscles to maintain and regain range of movement.

something to ponder on – but, really, just wanted to share with you (whoever ‘you’ are) the potential balminess of shiatsu.

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