Saturday, 14 September 2013

cherish your clavicle(s)

before I broke my clavicle recently, I hadn’t realised it was so important.  I had heard of people breaking a clavicle – often as a riding (bike or horse) accident, but that it was a relatively minor accident, such that people often didn’t even realise it had been broken.  Generally, it heals up by itself (apparently) and there may be a bony knob sticking up where the bone joint is.

Perhaps I make a lot of things, but it has felt like a really serious injury – not so much initially when I thought I’d be better and back to normal within 10 weeks.  But when it was still hurting, and wriggling my shoulders still felt like a bad plan, followed by a visit to the consultant who figured out it hadn’t made any attempt to join up, I was particularly perturbed.

One medic explained to me that the clavicle was in a way the most important bone in the body, because it supported everything else – not quite sure if I’ve summarised what he said quite right – but it was something along those lines.  Bottom line – clavicles are IMPORTANT.

so, my message is, appreciate your intact clavicles (while they are) – so very many things to be thankful for that perhaps one doesn’t realise is working in one’s life until it goes wrong in some way.

I love my clavicles – both of ‘em, I love the one on the left which is intact, and the one on the right to encourage it to get back to the best possible place it can to support me.


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