Saturday, 6 July 2013

Diet – what to eat?

Last Sunday I joined some old mates for a regular strawberry barbecue fiesta – and met up with some friends who have got very committed to the ‘Palaeo’ diet, which is popular with many at the moment.  The idea is to remove farmed carbohydrates from our diet, since we evolved as hunter/ gatherers, and they argue that farming grain is where we went astray diet-wise – so, they seem to eat meat/ protein, and nuts and berries, and vege, I guess. 

Talking with a dietician I met at the very delicious dinner accompanying the recent Camstrand meeting located at University of Westminster this year, I asked her about this, and she said it was fine for short times to lose weight – much like the Atkins diet, but that when people went back to eating normally they tended to put the weight back on.  She reckoned that doing it long-term would damage someone’s liver.

Talking with a personal trainer recently, she said that many personal trainers are keen on the Palaeo diet, but she just favoured ‘eating normally but well’.  We also discussed the popular restrict yourself for 2 days, and eat what you want for 5, where she thought not enough attention is given to the ‘5 days off’.

So, what to do?  - not sure – I started off life eating normally with my parents; shocked my poor Mum when I became vegetarian at age 16 due to concern about killing chickens, for example.  Since then I have adopted other diets – vegan, macrobiotic, Chinese medicine; and heard of the food separation, and raw food diet.  Presently, my focus is on wholefood, organic, qi-filled food – but probably eat more of some things than I should (chocolate, wine...).

mmm, any thoughts on diet yourself?

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