Tuesday, 3 May 2011

home visits

It came strongly home to me 10 days ago when I sustained some kind of back injury, and was pretty much unable to walk - feeling of knives when I tried, and dizziness - how lacking we are in having home visits easily given by health care professionals.

There seems little point, and it is very difficult to arrange transport, in moving painfully somewhere for a professional to assess.  Of course, there may be machines that could be useful.  But I could scarcely stand up, and ringing round was told of forms to be completed and interviews to be had, which I was simply not up to.

Thankfully, and luckily, I contacted an old (brief) colleague who was able to come round that evening, and gave me an immediate treatment without lots of form filling (well, there was one form).  And then another treatment on last Bank Holiday wedding Friday.  He says he just builds treatments into his life, because this flexibility is essential for his (osteopath trained - pain/injury) work.  Thanks, John (http://johnperrott.com/).

I tend to avoid home visits as a shiatsu practitioner because I tend to find spaces too small, and lots of lugging futons through difficult places.  Perhaps I need to reflect again on this, though I'm not really a 'fixer' in my practice.

I also tend to follow a pre-booked schedule because I find it works better for me to plan.  So, what happens to people (like me sometimes) who want a shiatsu, and want it now - perhaps because they realise they need it, or the space opens up in a way that couldn't have been predicted.


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