Thursday, 6 April 2017

lavender .. for burns

Talking with some people yesterday, one said she liked to grow herbs, and froze some like chives for future use.  I asked if she used them for 'medicinal' purposes and she looked a bit blank.  Having burned myself recently, I've been thinking about natural ways to help post burn, and become aware of lavender being widely considered as 'good' for burns.

Discussing this with a colleague yesterday, she was completely familiar with the idea, and said that aromatherapy had got going on a case where someone burned themselves (about 200 years ago) and plunged their burnt hand into a bowl of what happened to be lavender essential oil.  (I wonder what he was doing that meant he happened to have that nearest to hand?).

Anyway, apparently his hand made a really good recovery with no scars.

I have also wondered how to apply - diluted? better as oil or water?  But not found really clear or consistent guidance on this.  So a bit of 'try it and see'. 

I put a few drops in a bath, and put the recovering burned foot in briefly (not for too long since the water was a bit warm), and that seemed OK.  Also added a few drops to a smaller jug of warm water, and dipped affected part in it.

I've been using fresh aloe a lot to help - this seems widely considered to be good for burns.  Today I put a drop of lavender oil on the cut open aloe, and applied it to the c 6 day old second degree burn - to the healing area - not to the area which I knocked the blister cover away from a few days ago, which seemed a bit raw.  I had thought it might be a bit 'strong', but it feels cooler and calming.  So, that seems a way to go until further inspiration strikes.

So, cut open a fresh aloe leaf,
let a drop of (organic) lavender oil fall onto it
apply to recovering burn area (but not where the burn is 'open').

hope this is helpful.  Do put any thoughts, wisdom, comments etc in the Comments area below.


  1. Patricia Davis (Aromatherapy. An A to Z) recommends Lavender for burns and inflammation, as well as Chamomille and Calendula essential oils. I use Calendula cream for skin irritations with good results. I hope your toe is now on its way to recovery, Kate. Love
    María José

  2. Hi Kate. You know? Patricia Davis (Aromatherapy. An A to Z) recommends Lavender for burns, as well as Chamomile and Calendula essential oils. I use Calendula cream for skin irritation with good results. Thank you for your article. Love, María José

  3. Lovely article, Kate.
    Patricia Davis _Aromatherapy, an A to Z_
    recommends Lavender and Chamomille essential oils for burns. And I use Calendula cream as well, with good results. Hope this is helpful. Shiatsu Madrid.