Saturday, 27 August 2016

Cushion Expert

yes, cushions are really important in shiatsu practice.

I have several cushions which I value for shape and size, texture of filling, and texture of the cover.  Generally natural fibres are good.

And then there is expertise in cushion management - a well kicked cushion can move into just the right place - either out of the way, or ready to support eg under the knees.

Sometimes people suggest that I don't need to bring my own cushions; they have pillows / cushions I can use.  But I always find I miss my own cushions if I follow this suggestion.  Some pillows are just reluctant to move, and of course I'm not familiar with them, and how they will respond.

Next time, I'll write about blanket expertise - a whole other, though actually similar :-) topic.

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  1. Cushions are very important for Shiatsu. Thank you for reminding us in a beautiful way about the value of small things. María José and Barry