Wednesday, 25 January 2012

using social media

As a rather floundering 'digital immigrant' as they (? the OU, and no doubt others) say, I find myself somewhat curious about the use of Social Media.  Impressed by the Archers use of Tom's Piggy football (is it really there? - must Google after this post) (and, yes, the Archers was set up to educate), among other things, it's clearly a powerful medium, and naturally I would like to harness it in useful, benign/ win-win kind of way.

As part of this curiosity, last year, in my role as a director of the Shiatsu Society, I was able to invite Wendy Francis, shiatsu/ acupuncture practitioner, as well as IT expert, to run a session as part of our annual Congress.  Although the session was relatively poorly attended (shiatsu folk are not generally that interested in this kind of thing - they want to get on with giving shiatsu), I argue that there was a quality of presence - well, me, of course, but also interestingly, our eminent presenter, Ohashi, (flown in from New York, originally from Japan, and who taught many of our now-eminent teachers in the early days) came along to the session.

Monday I managed to have a session with Wendy, and she helped me take forward a few aspects with regard to my use of social media, and on the back of that I have now booked six sessions at monthly intervals.  I do this because it is important for my business, but also because it has a sense of fun and excitement to it for me.  Wendy helped me do a little duck logo for my email signoff, to link to this blog, for example, wonderful!  You can find Wendy via http://www.creativeconnections.co.uk/ if you would like to ask if she can help you too.

so, I'm excited about taking this forward - what would 'piggy football' look like in the shiatsu world, or for inviting people to participate in the Transformation Game?

- watch this space.
cheers, c.

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