Sunday, 23 October 2011

getter smarter

well, I finally got myself a smart phone - I'd been wondering about it for a while, but having difficulty deciding on whether to or not, and if so, which one, what contract etc...

iPhone, Android, Blackberry - 3GS, iPhone 4, Desire, Wildfire, Desire S, Incredible, Sensation, Torch - were names buzzing through my head; and then trying to figure out what 'pay as you go' means - didn't seem to quite mean what 'pay as you go' meant to me with my old phone (buy it, pay a tenner from time to time - segued into pay a monthly 'add on' if you want internet access, what about insurance? - if your phone is stolen the thief could run up a £5000 bill for which you would be liable -

I was catalysed by going for a walk in the rain with my old phone, which gave up altogether, losing my old messages, and refusing to take any more calls; and the development of an App by a colleague for a conference with which I was involved.

aaand, I am beginning to get the hang of my new phone - I felt mentally exhausted after I had 'gone for it' - but it is really amazing, - the way the messages come through; the clarity of the sound (very important to me - 3GS was one of only two phones (the other one being the HTC Desire) which Which gave 4 stars to for sound quality); and having email sliding through.


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